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Blue Soda Promo – A Live Chat Success Story
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85% of leads generated with chat

bluesodapromoWhen Blue Soda Promo spun off from its parent company, they took BoldChat with them. The brand was launched in 2010 and though still in beta stage, the website is live and they are taking orders for more than a million promotional products. Based on revenue, Blue Soda Promo is already ranked as one of the top 50 distributors of promotional products in the United States.

Blue Soda Promo focuses on small to medium sized businesses who want to order with a few clicks of the mouse. This behavior is a great match for live chat.

Before live chat software, customers would call the company or use a “contact us” form. Now, at, 85% of leads are from chat. In fact, something as simple as adding proactive chat has increased the company’s total chat volume by about 45%.

According to Tej Shah, Director of eCommerce at Blue Soda Promo, “Customers who bought from us starting with proactive chat, convert at almost 11 times the rate of those who don’t chat with us. There are a variety of factors that need to be considered when weighing reactive chat vs. proactive chat, but I would say we’ve seen an approximate 20% increase in our conversion rate.”

And the way Tej sees it, they’ve been using it for a few years and haven’t yet used all the capabilities that are offered to them. This will allow them to continue to increase their engagement rate without spending additional dollars. And looking forward, there’s plenty of opportunity to expand their capabilities, like taking advantage of BoldChat’s integration with SalesForce or using the built-in email management functionality.

This “not your typical promotional products company” has been described as having ridiculously good customer service. We like the sound of that and hope you do to. In fact, why not try them out? Place an order through their site using the code: BOLDCHAT and experience it yourself!

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